Dr. Malone - Top Medical Professional

Timothy J. Malone, M.D.

Such wonderful luck I've had finding such a fulfilling career that simply asked me to look people in the eye, talk with them, and then find and provide the best treatment to make them better! That's ophthalmology. And I have saved sight and saved lives (with my surgical cancer work). In a typical day, I made eyes see better, made them more comfortable and even made them look better!

In my subspecialty of eyelid, orbital and facial plastic surgery, I performed over 10,000 major operations and many more office procedures. As a faculty member of Georgetown University Hospital and Director of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, I was very fortunate to meet and help train a generation of outstanding ophthalmology residents. During the late 80s and through the 90s at D.C. General Hospital and at Georgetown, we often treated the equivalent of war zone eye/orbital trauma. Even so I felt the warmth and kindness from so many patients and their families in the city clinic, the D.C. Jail and St. Elizabeth Hospital. Treating them amid often dire circumstances helped make me both a better doctor/surgeon and possibly a better person. It was a high privilege for me to serve as a trusted surgical consultant for so many medical colleagues over the decades.

My general ophthalmology practice in Great Falls, Virginia, over 33 years offered me the privilege and pleasure of meeting and caring for so many multi-generational families. On one rainy Saturday in December 2019 I hosted my Patient Appreciation Celebration/Retirement Party at the beautiful Great Falls Grange. Hundreds of patients, nurses, doctors, friends and family braved the rain to join our celebration with live music, excellent food and drink and fellowship. My wife Martha and I sang and performed a song I had written about friendship just for the occasion. Unbeknownst to me, my workers had brought a blank inscription book and left it on the table in the entrance. There was a line of people signing it and then another line to give greetings to me! I didn't expect any of that. I was so happy to see everyone. I told Martha later with a chuckle, "This is so much better than a funeral, since I'm not dead yet."

I realize now that this has been a healing life, not only for my many patients, but also for myself. And I am deeply grateful and humbled. My goal was always to treat each patient as I would my own parents. From all reports, I fulfilled in bringing excellence in my surgical and medical ophthalmic care. I respected my patients' time by running an on-time office. It was such a daily pleasure to get to know my patients, from the smallest child to the striving college student to the certified flight instructor to the mother at home and to the CEO of a major D.C. bank and many more. For me to listen to them and learn from them day after day over decades has been a huge education and an incredible treat and privilege.

I am deeply grateful for every teacher I've had, from my grade school nuns to the Jesuits in high school, to my college professors in aquatic biology at UC Santa Barbara and to my teaching surgeons at Georgetown University Hospital and at the Universities of Kansas and Iowa. I have learned from the best.

I plan to continue my efforts at being a reasonably fine artist and musician. I am posting a selection of my art works in the Photo Gallery. Please keep in touch.

Timothy J. Malone, M.D.